Medically Necessary Eye Exams

All patients with Alberta Health Care coverage, regardless of age, are now covered for all medical eye care or emergency care office visits. 

These visits do not check for glasses prescriptions. Please call and inform our receptionist of the nature of your vision disturbance to ensure it will be covered (red, swollen or itchy eyes, sudden vision changes, eye pain and dry eyes).


Office Visit : This examination is usually problem focused.  If you notice your eye is red, painful, or suddenly blurry, it is a good idea to come in and have us take a look. 

We also suggest anyone noticing new flashes of light or floaters in their vision come in as soon as possible. 

In addition we have the ability to search for and remove foreign bodies that may be in your eye such as metal or other debris.  If you have a red eye that has been treated by someone other than an optometrist but has not yet responded to treatment, we advise that you come in so we can take a look at it under high magnification to help identify the problem. 

If you have Alberta Health Care coverage, there is usually no charge for an office visit.


Patients with diabetes or glaucoma, regardless of age, are eligible for yearly examinations to monitor these conditions.


Patients with a referral from their physician or nurse practitioner also have full coverage for the services requested through their Alberta Health Care coverage.


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