Conjunctivitis  (Pink or Red Itchy Eyes)

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis


Your specific case of conjunctivitis may display a combination of all or some of the symptoms below:

  • Pink or red coloration to the white part of your eye
  • Eyes are red, itchy, scratchy and have a burning sensation
  • Tearing, watery eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light


How We Treat Conjunctivitis

First, we diagnose the cause of your symptoms. As conjunctivitis has several different causes, a diagnosis is required before administrating the appropriate treatment.


If a cause of bacterial infection – Antibiotics may be prescribed for strong cases of pink eye, or if the infection has persisted for quite some time. Viral infections cannot be treated via oral medication; your body will fight the infection naturally.


Allergic or environmental causes – We can help you determine what is causing your reaction so that you can take the appropriate steps to avoid contact.

We regularly treat patients for conjunctivitis and quickly test to determine its cause. We can treat the symptoms with eye drops and antihistamines to provide relief of your discomfort.​


Treatment is Effective


Most forms of pink eye/red eye respond quickly to treatment, and a visit to our office is much faster than a trip to the walk-in.

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