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The Alberta Eye Health Clinic has launched a new initiative to help people with decreased vision see better.  Even with a good pair of glasses many people with eye conditions struggle to see the things they want.  We have dedicated one to two days each month for an evaluation with our low vision practitioners Dr. Rajan Mistry and George Colgan. Examinations are not rushed with time devoted to investigating how you use your eyes and discussing the tasks and hobbies you want to see better at.  We have practitioners an ever growing supply of magnifiers, electronic viewers and bioptic devices to help you achieve your goals. Both Raj and George have extensive experience working with people frustrated by decreased vision.  Along with their vast experience, they are kind, patient and understanding.

We understand the importance of working with your current eye care team.  Our office will co-ordinate with your ophthalmologist or optometrist to ensure we have all the proper information.  Many people feel that nothing more can be done, or quality magnifiers are too expensive.  More often than not, patients are surprised at how simple changes and devices can be highly effective.  We can show you how to better use lighting while using the correct magnifier.  Or we can help you turn you iPad/tablet into an effective magnifier for reading medicine bottles or bills.  With some tender training and the right device, you will see better.

Another big question patients have is whether this clinic is right for me.  Maybe you feel you see too well to have a consultation or perhaps you feel your vision is too poor to be helped.  Most patients at our clinic have vision that cannot be corrected to better than 20/30 or in other words have trouble reading a newspaper article while wearing glasses.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have devices that can help you see better if you can see better than 20/400 or in other words can count how many fingers someone is holding up in front of you.

If you, a family member or your patient might benefit from a consultation at our low vision clinic with us, please call or email to make an appointment. Evaluations are covered through your Alberta Health Care.


Low Vision Referral Form
patients can be referred by completing this form or sending a letter including visual acuities and primary cause of vision loss
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