Full Comprehensive Eye Exams in Edmonton

All patients under the age of 19 years old and 65 and older are fully covered for a comprehensive eye examination once a year

In full comprehensive eye exams we start by asking questions about your important health history as well as your eye health history. We check the pressure inside your eyes, and look for signs of glaucoma. Using ultra modern measuring equipment, we scan your eyes to determine your glasses prescription and the shape of your eye.  The doctor uses this information to come up with a final, comfortable and clear glasses prescription. The doctor will also test your eyes for proper teamwork which can help avoid eyestrain, double vision, and headaches. Using a bio microscope the doctor will examine your eyes for both serious and minor diseases.  These include things like cataracts, macular degeneration and retinal detachments.  They also include things like dry eyes, allergies, infection and irritated eyelids.  In the event a problem is found, the doctor will explain your options and arrange a specialist referral if needed.


Frequency of Comprehensive Eye Exams:



We recommend children have a comprehensive exam annually starting at six months of age. An undetected vision problem may affect your child’s development and academic achievement. Routine exams, including binocular vision testing, can ensure that your child’s vision is developing normally.



We recommend adults who don't wear contacts and who are not experiencing any significant changes see us every two years. Adults who do wear contacts are reccomended to see us annually. 


Geriatric Patients:

A yearly visit is recommended. Eye exams can be critical for diagnosing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Catching these issues before they become huge problems is very important. Regardless of whether or not you wear glasses, yearly exams are pivotal to ensuring your ocular health.

Transfer Information From Your Previous Optometrist
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