Eye Exams - Children

Age: 0-18
Cost: Covered by Alberta Health Care*
Frequency: Yearly


Alberta Eye Health Clinic and the Alberta Association of Optometrists recommends that all children have their eyes examined yearly by an Optometrist starting no later then age 3, however we book kids as young as six months old.


Having your child's eyes examined is one of the most important things a parent can do since children spend most of their time learning about the world around them through their eyes. Children seldom complain about vision problems because they assume that everyone sees like them. Comprehensive children's exams are designed to fully test a child's visual system, and determine any weaknesses that may need to be addressed during these important developmental years. 


Children are covered under Alberta Health Care for an eye exam by an optometrist every year. If a valid Alberta Health Care Card is not available, regular eye exam rate apply.


Eye Fact: Like adults in Alberta, children are always covered for eye health emergencies such as pink eye, ocular injuries, or anything else your child may get into. Kids will be kids, and we would be happy to see them at a moments notice.

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