Eye Exam - Senior

Age: 65+

Cost: Covered by Alberta Health Care

Frequency: Yearly


As we age our bodies become more susceptible to eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Like any machine, as we age certain things begin to break down. In the case of our eyes, the likelihood of developing a potentially serious eye condition increases notably.


With early detection and treatment we can prevent vision loss, slow the development of certain eye diseases, and provide corrective options to restore visual fidelity.


Annual eye exams can help ensure that you have many more years of driving, reading, and generally good visual health.


Our goal at Alberta Eye Health Clinic is that every senior in Edmonton receive a regular eye health examination on an annual basis. Should your Doctor of Optometry uncover something that requires further eye care treatment or care by an ophthalmologist, our office will take care of the arrangements. Alberta Eye is equipped with all the latest diagnostic technology such as high-definition wide field retinal imaging and OCT nerve and macula analysis. We are also equipped to provide complete pre and post-operative eye care for surgery's such as cataracts.

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