Lasik Pre-Op & Post-Op Examination

LASIK Pre-op / Post-Op Examinations:  


If you and your Doctor decide that Lasik or Refractive surgery maybe an option for you, a thorough examination is required before you embark on the procedure.


Discussing expectations is very important in having a successful surgery. Your Doctor can give you a good idea as to what is realistic in terms of vision in the distance and up close. If you have very dry eyes, thin corneas, kerataconus, large pupils, or moderate hyperopia, refractive surgery might result in future eye problems. Your Doctor can give you an objective unbiased opinion without the high pressure environment of a Laser Eye Center.


The next part of the preoperative examination is to check, check, then recheck your prescription. The numbers your Doctor comes up with will be entered into the laser's computer system by your surgeon. Special drops called a cyclopleigic are used to relax your eyes to prevent over correction.  At the same time the drops dilate your eyes so your Doctor can ensure you do not have any retinal tears or holes that could lead to a retinal detachment during surgery.


A consult will also be scheduled at the Laser clinic where several more ultra high-tech pieces of equipment are used to image your cornea and screen for other possible problems. This is also a great time to inspect the facility before you commit to surgery.


After your surgery you will be scheduled for four to five postoperative checks to watch for problems and adjust your eye drops as needed.

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